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Version: 0.6.0

Guide for Apache Submarine Committers

This page contains Hadoop Core-specific guidelines for committers.

New committers​

New committers are encouraged to first read Apache's generic committer documentation:

The first act of a new core committer is typically to add their name to the credits page. This requires changing the site source in Once done, update the Submarine website as described here (TLDR; don't forget to regenerate the site with hugo, and commit the generated results, too).


Submarine committers should, as often as possible, attempt to review patches submitted by others. Ideally every submitted patch will get reviewed by a committer within a few days. If a committer reviews a patch they've not authored, and believe it to be of sufficient quality, then they can commit the patch, otherwise the patch should be cancelled with a clear explanation for why it was rejected.

The list of submitted patches can be found in the GitHub Pull Requests page. Committers should scan the list from top-to-bottom, looking for patches that they feel qualified to review and possibly commit.

For non-trivial changes, it is best to get another committer to review & approve your own patches before commit.


Patches should be rejected which do not adhere to the guidelines in Contribution Guidelines. Committers should always be polite to contributors and try to instruct and encourage them to contribute better patches. If a committer wishes to improve an unacceptable patch, then it should first be rejected, and a new patch should be attached by the committer for review.

Commit individual patches​

Submarine uses git for source code version control. The writable repo is at -

It is strongly recommended to use the cicd script to merge the PRs. See the instructions at

Adding Contributors role​

There are three roles (Administrators, Committers, Contributors) in the project.

  • Contributors who have Contributors role can become assignee of the issues in the project.
  • Committers who have Committers role can set arbitrary roles in addition to Contributors role.
  • Committers who have Administrators role can edit or delete all comments, or even delete issues in addition to Committers role.

How to set roles

  1. Login to ASF JIRA
  2. Go to the project page (e.g. )
  3. Hit "Administration" tab
  4. Hit "Roles" tab in left side
  5. Add Administrators/Committers/Contributors role