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Submarine CLI

Submarine CLI comes with pysubmarine python package. You can get CLI tools by pip installing apache-submarine.


You can set your CLI settings by this command


submarine config init 


Submarine CLI Config initialized

Restore CLI config to default (hostname=localhost,port=32080)

Show current config

submarine config list 

For example : return

╭──────────────────── SubmarineCliConfig ─────────────────────╮
"connection": {
"hostname": "localhost", │
"port": 32080

Set config

submarine config set <parameter_path> <value> 

For example, Set connection port to 8080:

submarine config set connection.port 8080

Get config

submarine config get <parameter_path>

For example,

submarine config get connection.port




List Notebooks

submarine list notebook 

Get Notebooks

submarine get notebook <notebook id>

you can get notebook id by using list command

Delete Notebooks

submarine delete notebook <notebook id>


List Experiments

submarine list experiment 

Get Experiment

submarine get experiment <experiment id>

you can get experiment id by using list command

Delete Experiment

submarine delete experiment <experiment id> [--wait/--no-wait]
  • --wait/--no-wait: blocking or non blocking (default no wait)


List Environments

submarine list environment 

Get Environments

submarine get environment <environment name>

Delete Environments

submarine delete experiment <environment name>