This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Tensorboard | Apache Submarine
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Version: 0.6.0


Write to LogDirs by the environment variable

Environment variable

  • SUBMARINE_TENSORBOARD_LOG_DIR: Exist in every experiment container. You just need to direct your logs to $(SUBMARINE_TENSORBOARD_LOG_DIR) (NOTICE: it is () not {}), and you can inspect the process on the tensorboard webpage.


"meta": {
"name": "tensorflow-tensorboard-dist-mnist",
"namespace": "default",
"framework": "TensorFlow",
"cmd": "python /var/tf_mnist/ --log_dir=$(SUBMARINE_TENSORBOARD_LOG_DIR) --learning_rate=0.01 --batch_size=20",
"envVars": {
"ENV_1": "ENV1"
"environment": {
"image": "apache/submarine:tf-mnist-with-summaries-1.0"
"spec": {
"Worker": {
"replicas": 1,
"resources": "cpu=1,memory=512M"

Connect to the tensorboard webpage

  1. Open the experiment page in the workbench, and Click the TensorBoard button.

  1. Inspect the process on tensorboard page.